Delivering quality food for happiness in mind, body and soul !

As for the origin of our name “Tomoé Saveur”
Tomoé is Japanese symbol as for the spiral of 3 elements.
It means not only just gathering but also means spiraling always,
no neglect work tirelessly, no afraid of change, be the best.
These are reflected in our symbol, Tomoé .
Saveur, meaning that of taste in French.
The word “Saveur” was heard so often when I met Chocolatiers in France, Belgium…
Tomoé Saveur represent the saveur of good for health,
Tomoé Saveur represent the saveur which brings happy feeling from moving story & cute package
Tomoé Saveur represent saveur which brings smile for the producers & the earth.
Above 3 credos of Tomoé Saveur show true tastes of the delicious.
We would offer & provide these items for your table.


kanako satsutani

Director of Tomoé Saveur, Kanako SATSUTANI

Chocolate Sommelière
Distributor,Sales & Marketing ConsultantKanako started her carrier in famous Belgian chocolate shops from 1997.
Every year Kanako has been travelling around Europe to search chocolate markets & cultures in Europe.
Kanako started a class for  chocolate tasting in Japan in 2007.
Most people in Japan  have no such culture  as eating chocolate in their daily life.
We think it needs to educate Japanese people what are fine chocolates, how to enjoy chocolates, etc.
We would like to create culture of eating fine chocolates in Japan.
In 2013 and 2014 Kanako starts to produce “Tablet Museum” (300 chocolate bars including bean to bar  introduced ) , 2015 “Cacao World ” (500 chocolate bars introduced including bean to bar ) in Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan.  This event is not only selling chocolate but also origanising Cacao work shop, Chocolate tasting class, talk show with bean to bar maker, judge, chocolatier  including cacao farmers.This event is expanding and most biggest bean to bar Event in Japan.Kanako’s passion is connecting cacao growing country and chocolate consuming country. So this event is very unique in Japan.

As Judge at International Chocolate Awards

2014 international chocolate awards World final judge

2015 international chocolate awards Americas semi final Grand July, World final judge

2016-2017 international chocolate awards Americas semi final Grand July, European bar semi final and World final judge



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Coordinate (business matching)

Event Produce (specializing in foods, sweets, & chocolates)


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